Why switch back to a Mac?

by | Jul 28, 2020 | General

One of the major tech decisions I made last year was switching back to Windows after nearly six years as a Mac user. I switched because of the better specs available on Windows 10 laptops compared to MacBook Airs at the time. These on-paper advantages proved useless given the numerous issues I’ve had with my HP Spectre Laptop.

For the vast majority of users including myself, Apple provides superior performance and ease of use over “premium PCs.” There are a number of things Apple needs to improve on such as its position on “right to repair.” But when it comes to features most people actually care about Apple gets it right. First, we need to understand what features people care about. 

Work from Home Reality

Given the rise of work from home in response to Covid-19 more users rely on their webcam than ever before. This places a premium on the built camera quality offered by laptop manufacturers. Apple destroys HP when it comes to camera quality in its various laptop lines. I own an HP Spectre 13 inch and Omen Gaming laptop that both need an external Logitech camera to provide comparable video quality to a Mac.

Both these computers are expensive and the price difference between them and Apple products is negligible once you factor in component quality issues like this. Component quality issues extend to other areas like speakers and screen resolution differences. Apple wins on component quality every time. 

Another reason I decided to switch away from Apple was overheating on my Macbook Air using different video applications like Skype and ManyCam. Apple receives frequent criticism for poor quality system cooling compared to PCs. Given these criticisms, it seemed reasonable to consider a switch to a PC.

My HP Spectre sucks at staying cool, which is a major problem for a PC with a touch screen. It really defeats the purpose of having a 2-in-1 computer if it’s too hot to put on your lap. Maybe this is just an HP issue, but it seems to extend to other PC manufacturers as well. The plastic casing on my Spectre fell off due to the overheating as well. 


Finally, let’s talk about the ability to upgrade your computer yourself. This often bandied about as one of the major benefits of a PC over a MacBook. Frankly, it’s a stupid argument since most people don’t modify mobile devices themselves. They trust experts to do it for them so this doesn’t seem like a reason most people will base a purchasing decision on. Sure, Apple soders on RAM these days, but the truth is no one really cares. The people who want to mod a device are also the most likely to build a custom PC. Ergo, the manufacturer doesn’t much matter to them anyway. 

There are problems with Apple devices, but they’re generally outweighed by the issues with PCs. For me, I enjoy using my Mac but I’ve never enjoyed using a PC. This simple reason is why I switched back to a Mac. The number of dongles I need is still really dumb, but it’s better than needing to carry around a USB camera and external speakers all the time.


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