Truth & Communism

by | Oct 17, 2020 | General

One of the major problems I have with communism is the way its practitioners attempt to distort the truth. For the purpose of this conversation, I am not going to go into detail about the philosophical nature of truth but will rather focus on the truth using the definition of a “layman.” A layman will believe something is true when presented with evidence of it. This means when we say a car is blue we can readily verify the truth of that statement ourselves. 

Please note here the layman must accept a certain abstract statement is true in order for him to assent to the fact the car is blue. This abstraction’s validity rests on the axiomatic assertion that blue is a color and from this, it follows we a layman will use it in making statements of fact(read truth). Communist philosophy asserts a series of postulates(axioms) that produce a communist truth by deduction. For example, let us turn to the following statements: 

Postulate 1: Class struggle exists as an inherent part of the human condition.   

Postulate 2: Capitalism is a distinct form of societal organization and the capitalist constitutes a unique class.  

These statements are nearly impossible to verify, yet they underlie the foundation of the communist system. Communists like religious fundamentalists insist their axioms are true based on faith. Put another way the theist needs to assert God exists in order for his system to work. While the communist needs to assert the existence of class struggle. In either case, should those axioms be denied the entire system crumbles into dust.  Once we remove God there is no need for us to spend our lives worrying about hellfire or damnation. With no god, there is no problem for the theist to solve and justify his claims to power. 

A similar predicament afflicts the communist since without “class struggle” he has no problem to solve. Without this intellectual cornerstone, communism crumbles into dust. The communist has no trouble insisting the clergy invented God to justify their power. Yet he fails to realize that he merely wishes to usurp God with his own invention.  

The communist party claims it needs political power to solve a problem it invented. Isn’t that a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy? 


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