The New Content Culture

by | May 24, 2020 | Marketing | 1 comment

One of my marketing mentors is Keith Reynolds author of “The New Content Culture.” Keith’s book is a great introduction to content marketing and how it can revolutionize your business. This book played a huge role in inspiring me to start my blogging at Nomad Insights. Because it showed me a way I can help others by sharing my personal experience. Ivan Misner the founder of Business Networking International famously said “Givers Gain.” Keth teaches readers how to effectively give so they can gain. What does that mean though? 

The Content Culture
Building a Content Culture

First, great content marketing means giving your customers access to useful insights that help them achieve their goals. You’re not charging for this information and it’s meant to be a genuine gift. This generosity creates goodwill for your business and positions you as someone who always adds value. To quote Zig Ziglar.” You’re going to get much further in life telling others where to get on the bus, rather than telling them where to get off.” Keith’s book helps businesses apply Ziglar’s ideas using the power of social media and the internet. 

Second, in order to succeed in business, you need to believe your product makes people’s lives better. Keith’s book provides a framework to help you understand how you help others. Ziglar told salespeople that they needed to sell a product they believed in. This meant buying the product themselves and using it. Who makes a better salesperson: the person who sells something for a paycheck or the person who sells a product they personally use? 

Many entrepreneurs start businesses because they see a chance to make the world better. Yet, they struggle to communicate how they make the world better. “The New Content Culture” provides a solid framework for businesses struggling to answer this question. 

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  1. Keith Reynolds

    Thank you for the review. I’m glad that the material resonated with you. You get The New Content Culture’s vibe. Effective media today invites the customer in and starts a dialogue that starts an experience. These ideas are universal across all businesses, large and small. Looking forward to to more co-creation and collaboration.

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