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Technology keeps changing and it’s nearly impossible to keep up the constant onslaught of misinformation coming at us. Skeptic Sunday at Nomadic insights gets to the bottom of the misinformation mire. 

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Calling the Quacks out.  

Critical Thkinking 



Human Rights 

Digital Nomad Life 


What do we Cover?

Nomadic Insights covers topics fraught with misinformation in order to promote critical thinking skills and open dialogue. 


China & Covid19

Let’s find the facts. 

Human Rights

Business Gurus

Challenging Fake Experts &



Fundamentalism & Extremism

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Most small businesses can’t afford to waste money on technology they don’t need. Yet, many businesses end up paying for more tools than they need. My goal today is to help small businesses identify what they need and what they can cut. Cost-cutting isn’t optional during this recession. So let’s look at a chart to get started. 

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