Salesforce Macro Guide

by | Jun 29, 2020 | General

Salesforce hides a lot of great features inside its platform. One of those hidden features is Macros. They are short customizable programs that let users automate routine steps. Many Salesforce users don’t know about macros or how to access them in the first place. Admins need to show this feature to users in order to boost adoption of Salesforce. Many sales reps view Salesforce as a tool to track them when it’s a tool that makes their lives easier.

DIY Automation

Salesforce offers a lot of powerful automation features, but most of these features require an admin or program to set up. This means end users are forced to wait for an admin to build a feature for them. Thankfully, Marcos give users the ability to create simple automation themselves without help from an admin. The only thing an admin needs to do is make sure macros are available.

What can I build with Macros?

They allows users to build simple programs to automate routine tasks. Macros can include logical conditions like if/then and statement evaluation to allow for more complex programming by end users. The major limitation of Macros is that they can only work on one record at a time such as contacts or accounts. This prevents users from automating tasks that require them to interact with two tasks.

Intro to Macros from Salesforce

How can I share Macros?

Admins can create folders for macros. These folders let users share macros that help their co-workers love of macros. At the moment it’s not possible to access macro templates from the Salesforce app exchange. We will be adding a series of useful macros by role to help make different end users lives easier.

Our goal at Nomadic Insights is to help you maximize your tech ROI. Salesforce macros are an essential tool your power users need to know.


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