On Dogmatic Democracy

by | Nov 3, 2020 | General

One of the great assertions about America is the idea we are a democracy. This dogmatic statement contradicts the text of the US constitution and its explicit guarantee of a Republican form of government to the States. Yet, this dogma has become nearly universal among the American people and the political elite. We live in a nation that believes it is a democracy and evaluates its actions in light of this foundational dogma. I assert the present crisis of our Republic is the fault of the dogma of democracy. This dogma is irreconcilable with the core dogmas of our Republican form of government. 

Modern political theorists and pundits often cite the disdain Aristotle showed for Athenian Democracy in his “Politics.” Often as they seek to defend the merits of authoritarian regimes such as Communist China compared to Western democracies. Yet, they fail to situate Aristotle’s views in their proper context by highlighting the fact he saw the Constitution of Sparta as superior to Athenian Democracy. Spartan Timarcchy presented the ancient world with a Republican frame of reference that we see echoed in the Roman Republic. A government that surpassed parochial Athenian democracy by every measure with its superior Republican ideals. 

Athenian democracy as Aristotle observed was prone to constantly being overthrown due to cyclical political infighting caused by “class struggle.” This struggle led to constant cycling between oligarchy and democracy by Greek city-states. The reason revolutionary thinkers preach the dogma of democracy in America is the fact that democracy doesn’t work. Hence it enables them to convince Americans that their political system doesn’t work ipso facto. Isn’t that a useful lie for would-be revolutionaries to make? 

Democracy is a stupid idea that doesn’t work and our founding father knew that which is why they guaranteed each State a Republican form of government. The idea Western Nations are “liberal democracies” has no basis in the history of the Western World. Our forefathers knew democracy always failed and their great gift to us was the Constitutional Republic we enjoy. The Western World is a World of Republics not of Liberal Democracies. Yet, I believe we adopted this lie in order to be diplomatic to our friends in the United Kingdom who chaff under a decrypt Monarchy with no written Constitution. Let us finally consign Monarchy to the rubbish bin of history with Democracy and raise in its place the standard of our Republic. 

It is beneath the dignity of a free man to bow himself before a King whose only merit is birth. I will not sanction the idea my nation is a “democracy” so the Windsors feel secure on their hereditary throne. Our Republic blends democracy with elements of monarchy and oligarchy to produce the best form of government known to mankind: A Republic.   

If our Republic does not serve the interests of all classes, then let it be reformed to be a more expansive Republic representative of the interests of the American people. But never let it be said we are a democracy doomed to failure like all democracies of old. Nor let the downtrodden turn to would-be tyrants and saviors. Down with the false dogma of Democracy.


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