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by | Jul 2, 2020 | General

Salesforce gives companies a great ROI when it’s implemented correctly. Yet, many Salesforce users don’t have an implementation that meets their needs. Why is that? For many users, Salesforce doesn’t help them do their job because it doesn’t give them access to the tools they need.

Do users need CRM?

Business users need to send emails and make calls. They do these tasks outside of a CRM which means they’re not motivated to use a CRM. Users need the ability to do their jobs inside Salesforce. Every time a user needs to leave your CRM system to do an essential part of their job you don’t have a proper implementation. Most users leave Salesforce to make calls or respond to emails. I became a Salesforce admin because these basic tasks were nearly impossible in my company’s Salesforce implementation.

How will you make calls?

I love Google Voice, but it’s a nightmare to integrate with most major CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubpsot, and Zoho. If you want to maximize your team’s ability to use Salesforce you need to use a phone system that seamlessly integrates with it. Please do yourself a favor and dump Google Voice if you use Salesforce. My personal recommendation is to use a UCaSS solution like Twillio or Ring Central. These systems require a certain degree of expertise to integrate correctly with Salesforce and you might need to upgrade your license level. Lightning Dialer is an optional addon from Salesforce but doesn’t offer the flexibility of a tool like Ring Central.

How will you check emails?

Salesforce provides native support for G Mail and Microsoft Email systems. Most business communications happen over email so it’s critical your Salesforce implementation makes sending and receiving emails a breeze. Users spend three hours a day on email, which means it’s going to be key make or break for your implementation. A lot of implementations try to bring Salesforce to users inboxes, but don’t bring the inbox to Salesforce. Try to understand how your team uses email and find ways to make their lives easier with Salesforce.

Salesforce Solutions

There are different pre-built solutions on the Salesforce platform that help with common tasks like email and phone calls. These solutions are offered by either Salesforce or Salesforce ISV Partners on the App Exchange. We always recommend exploring Salesforce addons first. This helps you clarify your needs and to narrow down the solutions on the app exchange.

Email Options

Salesforce offers three main ways to support email: Salesforce Inbox, Einstein Activity Capture(EAC) and Official Integrations for major email providers. Your ability to implement these options will depend on your Salesforce licensing level and user permission configuration.

Official integrations for GMail, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange are available for free from Salesforce for most editions. These allow users to install browser addons to access Salesforce data in their inbox. They also allow users to send email directly from Salesforce using your company’s email server. Set up for these features is an essential part of any implementation.

Paid Email Add-ons

The main Salesforce email add-on is Salesforce Inbox. Inbox adds additional email functionality to the Salesforce such as the ability to schedule emails and provides access to a specially designed Salesforce Inbox mobile app. The ability to schedule emails directly from Salesforce’s desktop app is a productivity game-changer. Einstein Activity Capture also comes with Inbox and automatically creates activity feeds on records in Salesforce from email data. This provides a great overview of client interactions that helps users understand client relationships.

Salesforce Lightning Dialer

For most businesses the easiest way to encourage Salesforce use is Lightning Dialer. This adds the ability to make and receive calls directly from Salesforce. While not a true PBX solution it helps users leverage Salesforce to do their jobs more effectively. It is the best option to easily add call support into Salesforce for users on either Salesforce Essentials or Professional additions . Since other phone solutions require API calls to provide similar functionality like automatic call logging.


You need to make people’s jobs easier, not harder. The key to maximize your Salesforce ROI is making users lives easier.


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