B2B Sales Strategy Guide

by | May 29, 2020 | Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales Tech

What B2B sales strategy should my business use? This question is extremely important to help pick the right structure for your sales team. When discussing B2B sales strategy most companies use one of the following strategies: inbound, outbound, referral, and hybrid. Certain strategies and tactics work best in different situations. Your strategy needs to be based on the reality of your business and how your target customer buys.   

Outbound Sales Strategies 

Outbound sales tactics form the base of many B2B sales strategies. This means contacting potential customers who don’t have a relationship with your business. Outbound relies heavily on cold calling and other forms of cold outreach. This strategy forms the foundation of new business development for many startups. Today, there are three main outbound sales channels: phone, email, and social media. Each channel requires a different set of techniques to produce maximum ROI. The best results come from combining all of these channels to create an omnichannel outbound sales strategy.    

Sales enablement software such as Salesloft enables reps to easily execute multi-channel outreach at scale. This is the main reason to consider a sales enablement platform for your business. Especially, when studies show it takes up to 100 touches to close a deal with a totally new client across multiple channels. Sales enablement provides the organization you need to manage the sales process across channels.  

Inbound Sales Strategies aka Marketing 

Marketing is traditionally responsible for generating inbound leads through various marketing channels such as social media and advertising. There are a lot of ways to generate inbound leads but one of the best from a sales perspective is content marketing. Content marketing adds value to the community by helping people solve problems for free. This in turn leads them to naturally partner with your company over time. Most of my purchase decisions are made as a result of content marketing rather than outbound sales. One recent purchase I made as a result of content marketing was switching my web hosting to WPMU Dev. They helped me solve a WordPress problem for free with their content. This made them the logical choice when I switched web hosts this month. 

Inbound Sales Strategies fail if you focus on “selling” instead of problem-solving. When I buy a product it’s because I have a problem I need to solve. No matter how great your “sales pitch” is, you’re not getting my business unless you solve my problem. An article or video that solves my problem is an excellent reason for me to do business with you. Inbound sales success requires giving prospects a reason to do business with you by adding value. 

Referral Strategies 

Many businesses don’t have a formal referral system in place. This means they don’t ask existing customers to introduce them to others who might be interested in their help. It seems crazy not to ask existing customers for referrals. This strategy requires businesses to develop the habit of asking for referrals and doing a great job with those referrals. Over time this simple habit can significantly add to your bottom line. No harm in asking! 

Hybrid Sales 

Sales teams can’t rely on only one strategy to have a consistent opportunity pipeline. You need to use a combination of different strategies to get the best results. The best sales strategies are simple and consistent. No matter what you decide remember to keep things simple. 


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