Against Communist Despotism

by | Oct 18, 2020 | General

Masonic philosopher Manly P. Hall notes that the difference between despotism and democracy can be likened to that between heaven and hell. This theme permeates the writings of the founding fathers and other prominent Free Masons such as Albert Pike. Yet, our public discourse fails to understand the severe danger of modern despotism embodied by totalitarian regimes. Democracy for all its flaws is as far from despotism as heaven is from hell. This fact finds ample support in the crimes committed by communist despots such as Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tsetung, and Joseph Stalin. Crimes that make Caligula and Domitian appear as saints in comparison. We must understand that despotism leads only to slavery and ruin. 

Throughout human history would be despots have preyed upon the downtrodden and wretched of the earth in order to cease power. These tyrants cast aside any care for the oppressed once their power is secure. Communist despots such as Lenin created repressive regimes that put the Czar to shame. Yet, still, the oppressed of the world are targetted by would-be despots who promise salvation. A promise they will never fulfill based on humanity’s experience with despotism. 

Contra Communist Despotism

Worse than simple temporal despotism the communists demand absolute obedience to their agenda. As aptly put in Tombstone “faith in the Chairman must be absolute.” The sheer gall of an atheist demanding blind religious devotion should truly give us pause. No leader deserves blind faith from his followers, because he is a man and not god. But our would-be communist despots like so many revolutionaries fail to see their own manifest hypocrisy. This tendency is particularly obvious in the work of communist J. Sakai who notes that communism has risen in the third-world. Perhaps this has little to do with communism working for the oppressed so much as our would-be despots needing to prey upon the weakest among us. 

Above all these would-be potentates fail to acknowledge the atrocities of Stalin, Paul Pot, and Mao. Since they suppose the death of millions is a paltry sum to pay for the promise of a brighter “tomorrow.” Either they are fools or liars and my experience tells me communists are liars since know revolution entails a reign of terror. Rather than a Republic at the end victims of a communist revolution will fund themselves chained under the yoke of a new despot. The fate that awaits the common man under communism can be found in the pages of books like “Gulag Archipelago” and “Tombstone.”We know what these would-be despots will do in their blind quest for power. Far better the imperfect world of democracy than life in a communist hell.  


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